Nina Sun Eidsheim (PI; Assistant Professor of Musicology, UCLA)
Annette Schlichter (Co-PI; Associate Professor of Comparative Literature, UC Irvine)


Jonathan Alexander (Professor of English, Culture & Theory Program, UC Irvine)
Theresa Allison (Assistant Clinical Professor of Geriatrics, UC San Francisco)
Christine Bacareza Balance (Assistant Professor of Asian American Studies, UC Irvine)
Robbie Beahrs (Ph.D. candidate in Ethnomusicology, UC Berkeley)
Charles L. Briggs (Professor of Anthropology, UC Berkeley)
Shane Butler (Professor of Classics, UCLA)
Mike D’Errico (Ph.D. candidate in Musicology, UCLA)
Charles Hirschkind (Associate Professor of Anthropology, UC Berkeley)
Julene Johnson (Associate Professor of Social and Behavior Sciences and Neurology, UC San Francisco)
John Kapusta (graduate student in Musicology, UC Berkeley)
Alexander Khalil (Postdoctoral Fellow in Ethnomusicology and Neuroscience, Temporal Dynamics of Learning Center, UCSD)
Patricia Keating (Professor of Linguistics, UCLA)
Sarah Kessler (Ph.D. Candidate in Comparative Literature, UC Irvine)
Peter Krapp (Professor of Film & Media Studies; Faculty Affiliate of Informatics; Professor of English, UC Irvine)
Jody Kreiman (Professor of Surgery, David Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA)
Caitlin Marshall (Ph.D. candidate in Performance Studies, UC Berkeley)
Miller Puckette (Professor and Chair of Music, UCSD)
Annelie Rugg (Director, UCLA Center for Digital Humanities)
Mary Ann Smart (Professor of Musicology, UC Berkeley)
James Steintrager (Professor of English and Comparative Literature, UC Irvine)
Carole-Anne Tyler (Associate Professor of English, UC Riverside)
Zachary Wallmark (Ph.D. candidate in Musicology, UCLA)

Voice Scholars

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