Our proposed Multicampus Research Group in the Humanities, Keys to Voice Studies: Terminology, Methodology, and Questions Across Disciplines, arises from the need identified during our fall 2011 UCHRI RRG to examine the limits of the different fields of knowledge production and the possible transfer of knowledge across disciplinary borders within the emerging and inherently interdisciplinary field of “Voice Studies” To this end, we have assembled a group of scholars from the arts, humanities, social sciences, sciences, medicine with the aim to further the communication between the fields and the translation of “situated knowledges” (Haraway) across boundaries.

As such our proposed MRG project seeks to provide the necessary tools that will allow researchers to confront and re-imagine the frontiers of voice research and to facilitate work that will foster a more complex understanding of the production of knowledge around voice and its meanings, especially of the ideologies and epistemologies that frame the understanding of the material production of voice.

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